Fleet Management.

Reimagined for an electric future.

Batterypool’s platform brings the entire EV ecosystem to your dashboard.

Electric Vehicle Management

Track the location, the state of battery charge and the health of all your electric vehicles in real time.

Battery Management

Monitor critical information like SOC, SOH, temperature and cycle count for every EV battery in your fleet. Obtain actionable insights to improve the health of your battery.

Charging Point Management

Manage a network of your captive chargers, swap stations along as well as 3rd party charging points from your dashboard. Gain access to India’s largest charging point directory to ensure a fast and smooth charging experience for all your EV trips.

EV Trip Management

Our intelligent EV trip module takes into account locations and real time status to charging points to ensure you are able to arrive at your destination without your ever running out of charge. Using this, fleet operators can schedule and route their drivers to ensure convenient and seamless operations of their EV fleets.

Maintenance and Vehicle Issues

Get EV health and component diagnostics in real time. Schedule and perform maintenance operations on your EV fleet to ensure maximum uptime.

Driver Management

Send notifications about vehicle + battery health and provide actionable insights to your drivers to ensure smooth operations. Manage all your drivers’ credentials, trips, and expenses in a single module.

Why should you opt for BatteryPool’s EV fleet management?

Features and Functionalities Traditional Fleet Management BatteryPool’s EV Fleet Management
Real time location of Vehicles
Charging Point Management
EV Trips Management
EV Trips Management
EV Diagnostics + Maintenance
Driver Management

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