Battery Swapping as a charging solution for EV Fleets

Extend Vehicle Range

Eliminate range anxiety & increase EV utilization

Zero downtime

Minimize charging downtime & increase ops efficiency

Small Footprint

Keep your EV fleet charged with minimal space

Swap your battery in 3 quick steps!

1. Schedule

Reserve a battery and navigate to the nearest swap station

2. Scan

Scan the QR code to initiate battery swapping

3. Swap

Place your depleted battery in the slot and pick a charged battery

BatteryPool’s Swapstations

  • Battery Agnostic & Customizable

    Configurable to your battery
    spec & number of doors

  • Fully Automatic Smart Kiosk

    Self-serve kiosk to get a fully
    charged battery in under 2 mins

  • Real Time Monitoring

    Monitor SOC of batteries remotely
    to determine vehicle routing

  • API Integration

    Get real time data from swapstations
    to your existing software module

Our Partners

Our Team

Batterypool was formed in 2018 with a vision of fostering mass adoption of electric mobility in India. We are building and deploying technology driven SaaS and hardware solutions that are crafted to meet the needs of EV fleet operators. Our team consists of Stanford and Purdue trained technologists that are stoked about the future of mobility in India.

Electrify your fleet today!