BatteryPool Swap Station.

Eliminate Range Anxiety.

Our smart, secure and customizable swap stations can be set up at any desirable location to help your fleet stay charged and active always.

Swap Station Features:

Swap your battery pack in under 1 minute! Eliminate range anxiety by setting up your EV fleet’s swap station at your preferred location.

Remotely track metrics like SOC, cycle count, energy consumption and payments through your dashboard.

Authenticate users via QR code verification. The in built alarm detects unauthorized batteries.

Configurable to your EV fleet's size, number of doors and battery specifications.

3 quick, easy steps to swap a battery!

1. Schedule

Reserve a battery and navigate to the nearest swap station

2. Scan

Scan the QR code on the swap station to initiate swapping process

3. Swap

Place your depleted battery in the slot and pick a charged battery

Your fleet. Your swap stations.

BatteryPool’s swap stations are customizable to a wide range of lithium ion batteries and interoperable across 2 and 3 wheelers. Customize your swap stations based on your fleet size and battery specifications.

Software defined functionality.

BatteryPool swap station functionalities are accessible via easy to use APIs that can integrate with your in-house fleet / operations applications.

Stay connected to your batteries.

Our world class IOT hardware ensures that you are always connected to your batteries. Track their temperatures, charge levels, cycle count and energy consumption. Available on both web and mobile.

Robust, secure and safe.

Our swap stations are secure and come built in with alarms and real time alerts on detection of unauthorized batteries, faults in hardware and thermal runaway conditions.

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