Battery Swapping as a charging solution for EV Fleets

Extend Vehicle Range

Eliminate range anxiety & increase EV utilization

Zero downtime

Minimize charging downtime & increase ops efficiency

Small Footprint

Keep your EV fleet charged with minimal space

Swap your battery in 3 quick steps!

1. Schedule

Reserve a battery and navigate to the nearest swap station

2. Scan

Scan the QR code to initiate battery swapping

3. Swap

Place your depleted battery in the slot and pick a charged battery

BatteryPool’s Swapstations

  • Battery Agnostic & Customizable

    Configurable to your battery
    spec & number of doors

  • Fully Automatic Smart Kiosk

    Self-serve kiosk to get a fully
    charged battery in under 2 mins

  • Real Time Monitoring

    Monitor SOC of batteries remotely
    to determine vehicle routing

  • API Integration

    Get real time data from swapstations
    to your existing software module

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